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Woman Runs Over Police Officer With Car (Video)

Jessica Fox is accused of running over Officer Marc Lofton in Statham, Georgia, on Aug. 27 in a wild incident that was caught on a police dashcam video (below).

"That's how it was supposed to happen, it wasn’t my time, and it wasn’t her time," Lofton told WSB-TV.

Lofton recalled the incident to WAGA:

She was making me super nervous, she's reaching all over the vehicle. So I was trying to get her to the rear of the car. I asked her what her name was, and she told me; she gave me a false name.

I went to place her in handcuffs, and she pulled away from me and got back in the vehicle. I pulled out my Taser at that point of time. After multiple commands, I deployed the Taser.

In the video, Lofton uses his Taser on the woman, who screams and then drives off with Lofton holding on to the side of the car. The woman drags Lofton several feet, and runs over his legs before the cop lets go.

"When I first saw it, it made me sick to my stomach, because I knew how bad it could’ve been," said Statham Police Chief Allan Johnson.

Johnson added that Lofton would have been justified in using lethal force.

"Very proud, it could've gone so many different ways that would've been a tragedy either way," Johnson said.

Fox was arrested on Aug. 30.

"It felt great. I was very, very relieved that she was caught because if she'll do this to a police officer, think of what she'll do to a normal person," Lofton added.

According to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office, Fox had an outstanding felony warrant when Lofton pulled her over for allegedly speeding.

Lofton has been treated for a torn Achilles tendon and concussion.

Fox is charged with assault on a police officer, and other crimes.

Raw video

Sources: WSB-TV, WAGA / Photo credit: Statham Police Department via YouTube

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