Woman Runs Over Boyfriend for Not Stopping at McDonald’s


They say that fast food is addictive, but one Tennessee woman was probably suffering from more than just burger cravings when she ran over her boyfriend three times for refusing to go to McDonald’s.

Crystal Greer Brooks, 33, was in boyfriend Santiago Hernandez’s truck along with one other man on Thursday morning when she requested a stop at the fast food mega-chain. When he refused, she grew angry and demanded that he pull over.

As Hernandez, 41, stood in front of the truck, Brooks took over the driver’s seat and ran into him, knocking him to the ground. She then drove on, hitting him again twice.

Hernandez is the father of Brooks’ child. According to police reports, he was knocked onto the truck’s hood after the first ramming, and then fell to the ground before his girlfriend “pulled forward and struck him 2 more times with the truck.”

When questioned by police, Brooks denied that she had run over her boyfriend, claiming that he had actually jumped up onto the hood of the vehicle. However, the reporting officer wrote “I determine suspect Crystal Greer Brooks to be the primary aggressor. I arrested Crystal Greer Brooks and she was transported to the city jail.”

The officer also wrote that he gave the victim a domestic violence form, and then took him to a friend’s house rather than to the Kingsport home he shares with Brooks and their child.

Hernandez “spoke very little English,” but police witnessed his tattered clothing and noted that he looked as though he had been dragged on pavement.

All three people in the truck had reportedly been drinking. They had also been out to eat, according to the police report; presumably, either Brooks has a very healthy appetite, or she consumed far more alcohol than food during the outing.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Smoking Gun


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