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Woman On The Run For 37 Years Tracked Down By Police

San Diego police arrested a woman on Monday who’d been on the run for 37 years.

The woman, 60-year-old Judy Lynn Hayman, escaped from a Michigan prison back in 1977. She was serving a 10-month sentence at the time for larceny charges. After escaping, Hayman proved an incredibly difficult escapee to pin down.

In 37 years since fleeing prison, Hayman changed her name three times. She even managed to hide her criminal past from her 32-year-old son.

On Monday, San Diego police were tipped off to Hayman’s location by Michigan authorities. When they confronted Haymen at her house, she insisted she was Jamie Lewis. She even had documents to prove it.

Officers remained skeptical of her claims after identifying several inconsistencies in her story. After looking at her for some time, officers said she looked too similar to the woman identified as Judy Hayman in a 1976 prison mug shot.

“When the officer compared the picture that he had to the person he had, there was something very telling in the eyes. The eyes gave it away,” San Diego Police Lt. Kevin Mayer said. “When it became apparent she wasn’t going to get away with this ruse anymore, she finally admitted the truth.”

After confirming that the woman they were speaking with was indeed Hayman, they took her into custody. She is now being held without bail. Mayer commended the work of Michigan detectives who were able to piece together Hayman’s whereabouts even after so many years.

“This was a wanted fugitive, and even after much time had passed, law enforcement is still looking for these people,” Mayer said. “This is the case of a very tenacious detective who put the pieces together and came up with good location. We checked and it turned out to be valid.”

Sources: Mail Online, Fox 5 San Diego


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