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Woman Returns From Vacation To Find Longtime Boyfriend Filed A Restraining Order Against Her

A New York City woman was shocked after returning home from a weekend with friends to discover that her boyfriend had her served with a restraining order.

“I was 100 percent shocked,” said 28-year-old Nicole Raef to the NY Post. “I was like, ‘I don’t understand, who breaks up with someone this way?’”

Raef’s boyfriend of five years, 50-year-old Brad Zipper, suddenly threw her out of his $1.7 million Long Island summer home as well as his $6 million townhome in Manhattan. Raef says she was shocked that her longtime boyfriend suddenly dumped her and even more shocked that he would file for a restraining order.

“Everything was fine when I left,” said Raef. “We’d been arguing, but we’d worked things out.”

Court documents paint a different picture, however. Zipper claims that Raef was abusive and emotionally unstable, and even told of a time when he came home to find his oven on fire and Raef passed out on the couch.

“When she woke up, she was delirious and didn’t even remember driving and getting into an accident with my car that night,” say court documents.

Zipper also shares experiences in which Raef “had multiple breakdowns” and even threw items at him. Raef’s legal team, however, denies all the allegations against her.

“The allegations that are set forth in the pleadings are clearly embellished and to a large degree untrue,” said Raef’s attorney Brad Kimmel. “This is a wealthy man breaking up with his girlfriend and doing it in a really untasteful way.”

Raef maintains that she was blindsided by Zipper’s restraining order and explosive allegations.

Sources: The New York Post, Daily Mail, Barstool Sports / Photo Source: WikiCommons


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