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Woman Returns Home from Holiday To Discover That Her Home Has Been Stolen (Video)

One woman in Washington returned from a Thanksgiving holiday with her family to discover that her house was stolen.

24-year-old Leah Watson lives in a 30-foot RV with her three-year-old daughter, and despite the fact that barbed wire was strung across the driveway and the tires were flattened to protect this sort of thing from happening, thieves still got away with her home.

"I was planning on coming home for the evening before I went back to work and everything was just gone," said Watson. 

"They literally hooked up to my trailer and just drove away. There's really no way you can prepare for something like this. I was left with only what I had in my car. They took my entire life."

Watson says that along with her home and all of her posessions, her beloved dog, cat, and turtle were all taken as well.

For the time being, Watson and her daughter are staying elsewhere with family, but the young mother is pleading the public to help find their home. Her daughter Addison is apparently heartbroken.

"Please can you help find our stuff? For Christmas," said the three-year-old.

Watson says that it’s not only the home she’s lost, but there are valuable items and memories that have gone with it.

"This could haunt me for years and years afterwards," said Watson. "I have nothing left."

Police are asking for the community’s help in trying to locate the home and return it, along with all three pets, safely to the young woman.


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