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Woman Returns Home To Find Unexpected Note Hanging On Door (Photo)

A woman was shocked to find an anonymous note left on her front door that blasted her for wearing a bikini, and since the note was posted online, people all over have expressed their outrage.

The unidentified woman told NewsMail that she was horrified upon discovering the note, which reads, “I don’t appreciate fat people wearing bikinis/short shorts when watering. Please cover up or I will report you. You disgust me. I didn’t move here for this. Also, cover up when walking your cat.”

“(I was) shocked, horrified and angry at why someone could do this and leave a note instead of talking to me about it,” said the woman. “When I first received it I was really uncomfortable. But now, I'm like stuff it, why should I be afraid to run around in my bikinis when it's hot.”

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The note quickly spread online, and since it’s gone viral, people all over the Internet have not been afraid of expressing their disgust at the author.

“'Whoever wrote that note and left it on the lady's front door is nothing but scum, why didn't she confront the lady instead of the note, because whoever did it is gutless and cruel,” said one commenter, according to the Daily Mail.

Others suggested that the note’s author take a look in the mirror before criticizing others.

“Very few of us have flawless figures so I suggest that the individual that felt the need to write this note take a good hard look at themselves first before passing judgement [sic] upon others,” said another commenter. “This individual has well and truly overstepped the mark of common decency. To the lady concerned just continue to be yourself and wear what you are comfortable in.”

The author of the note has yet to come forward to take responsibility.

Sources:Daily MailNewsMail / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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