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Woman Returns Shelter Dog: "It Clashed with My Curtains"

And then there are idiots.. like this who hopefully dont breed.

The moron woman is described as being in her late 40s, she had visited the kennel a few different times to select her dog.  She finally settled on a three-and-a-half month old Jack Russell named Harvey, who'd been brought in as a stray.

She visited Harvey at the shelter SEVEN times before finally being allowed to take him home.  But that same day, she called back in to report a serious problem . . . Harvey clashed with the expensive curtains in her lounge.

the owners of the shelter . . . Barry and Corrina Shuttleworth . . . came up with an ingenious solution to the problem:  They told the woman to put Harvey in a different room. 

Apparently, it didn't work.  Two days later, the woman came back to return Harvey, saying the curtains were just too expensive of a purchase, and Harvey had to go. 



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