Woman Returns Shelter Dog: "It Clashed with My Curtains"

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And then there are idiots.. like this who hopefully dont breed.

The moron woman is described as being in her late 40s, she had visited the kennel a few different times to select her dog.  She finally settled on a three-and-a-half month old Jack Russell named Harvey, who'd been brought in as a stray.

She visited Harvey at the shelter SEVEN times before finally being allowed to take him home.  But that same day, she called back in to report a serious problem . . . Harvey clashed with the expensive curtains in her lounge.

the owners of the shelter . . . Barry and Corrina Shuttleworth . . . came up with an ingenious solution to the problem:  They told the woman to put Harvey in a different room. 

Apparently, it didn't work.  Two days later, the woman came back to return Harvey, saying the curtains were just too expensive of a purchase, and Harvey had to go. 



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