Woman Rescued After Being Attacked By A Bear And Buried Alive (Photos)

A Russian woman is lucky to be alive after surviving a bear attack and being rescued by authorities.

Natalya Pasternak, 55, was collecting birch sap in a forest near Tynda in Russia's Amur region with a friend and her dog when an unwelcome guest appeared: a ferocious bear.

The dog barked to warn its owner but it was too late. The bear attacked Pasternak and her dog, but the friend escaped. The friend then ran off to alert emergency services, The Siberian Times reported.

Rescuers and wildlife officers rushed to the scene and encountered the bear. The bear started to attack them and that’s when they shot the 4-year-old female bear, killing it.

Authorities then noticed a woman’s bloodied arm poking out from under a pile of leaves and sticks. They cleared the mess and found Pasternak alive, but seriously injured.

WARNING: Graphic images.

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According to The Siberian Times, the first thing Pasternak said after being rescued was: “Have you killed the bear?”

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Experts believe the bear thought it killed Pasternak and hid her corpse for dinner later. But authorities were able to rescue her just in time and she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

The postal worker and mother of two suffered serious scalp and thigh wounds and was reportedly in “deep shock.” She is still recovering at Tynda Hospital and is listed as being in “severe” condition.

Sources: The Siberian Times, Express

Photo Credit: Tumblr


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