Woman Records Sex Attack, Reportedly Giggles About It After


An “extremely disturbing” video has emerged in which a woman giggles while filming a man who performs a sex act on a lifeless victim.

Alyisha Newton, 26, from Norwich, U.K., laughed as she used her phone to record Victor Chokor, 36, carrying out the assault, according to the Daily Mail.

The unidentified victim was reportedly unconscious on a sofa after mixing alcohol with a powerful medication she had been taking. She was oblivious to what had happened until Newton showed her the footage the next day.

Newton was sentenced to 32 months in jail on Jan. 13. She previously confessed to aiding and abetting a sexual assault.

Chokor had previously admitted to sexual assault and possession of an extreme pornographic image. He was sentenced to 27 months in jail.

Judge Stephen Holt of Norwich Crown Court said Chokor and Newton committed a “serious and very unpleasant offense” that was carried out on a “very vulnerable victim.”

“[Newton] degraded me,” the victim said on the day of the sentencing, according to the Daily Mail. "I feel humiliated and degraded by it every day."

The victim also stated that it would take a “long while” before she could trust anyone again, adding that she was unaware of how many people had seen the clip and that the pair had “no regard to her feelings.”

The incident took place in July 2014 at Chokor's Norwich home, where the victim had gone to a party.

Chokor's lawyer, Andrew Shaw, said alcohol had compromised the judgment “of a man of previous good character.” Shaw advised the judge to treat the incident as a “high jinks that ended up out of control” and not a "predatory" sexual assault.

Newton’s lawyer, Ian James, argued that she had made a “gross misjudgment” after drinking too much and had been “misguided” but had not acted “with the intention of causing harm or distress.”

Each was given a 10-year restraining order and a 10-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order. 

Newton was placed on the Sex Offenders' Register indefinitely, while Chokor was ordered to be on it for 10 years.

“The victim woke up, after passing out on a sofa, with no knowledge the offense had taken place,” said Detective Constable Paul White of the Norfolk Police Rape Investigation Unit. “It was only days later when she saw the footage that she realized what had happened to her.

“The footage was extremely disturbing, and it is shocking another woman would find such an incident amusing and take the time to record it on a mobile phone.

“Given the circumstances, it was a difficult decision for the victim to come forward to police, and we would like to commend the courage she has shown.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Mirror / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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