Woman Receives Message From Former Middle School Bully And Sends An Awesome Response


The response a woman gave to her former middle school bully when he wrote to her on Facebook to try and ask her out has gone viral.

In the now-infamous screenshot of their Facebook exchange, the unidentified man bluntly tells the woman he’s interested in seeing her and suggests that she leave her husband for him.

“Hey, long time! I just wanted to say you are looking good!” the bold former bully starts in his message. “Such a nice change from jr high school. When did you become a woman?”

The man then proceeds to boldly tell her she should leave her husband for him.

“So how about you leave that guy of yours and come back to santa Maria and be with me?”

The woman, who seems to have been harassed pretty badly by the man back in the day, comes back with a response that is so great, it’s no wonder the message exchange has gone viral.

“Seriously? For one. You used to harass me in school for being a ‘misfit’,” the woman says. “For two. You and your group of friends picked on me for being the fat kid. And for three. My husband is more a man that you will ever be. I love how you haven’t spoken to me in eight years and instead of the apology I DESERVE for all the years of bullying from you and your friends, you tell me to leave my husband. Have a nice life, douche.”

She doesn’t end there, though.

“P.S. The reason you are probably still single is because you have no shred of respect for women. At least I can change being fat. Your personality is still dreadful. Later.”

Take a look at the viral exchange below.

Source:Distractify / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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