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Woman Receives $200K Settlement After Family Court Dismissed Her Claims Of Groping By Marshal (Video)

A Las Vegas woman has received a $200,000 settlement from lawsuits against a District Court after she was allegedly groped by a family court marshal.

Monica Contreras is seen on surveillance video standing before Hearing Master Patricia Doninger last year complaining that Marshal Ron Fox groped her in a witness room when he told her he was searching for drugs back in 2011. Instead of taking Contreras’ claims seriously, Doninger had Contreras arrested on the spot for making false claims against a police officer and for disturbing the peace.

Following Contreras’ arrest, an internal investigation resulted in both Doninger and Fox being fired, and now, Contreras has received a $200,000 settlement from the lawsuits she filed against the District Court and against Fox.

Fox continues to deny the allegations against him and has filed a lawsuit of his own for wrongful termination. Reports say that Fox will likely receive a settlement between $150,000 and $200,000 in his case.

Sources: Las Vegas Review-Journal, KLAS-TV


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