Woman Recalls "My 10 Years as a Sex Slave"

In 1996, 14-year-old Tanya Kach vanished from her parents' home in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and was not seen again for another 10 years. The teen spent a decade imprisoned in the same city in a 2nd floor bedroom of Thomas Hose, a security guard at her high school.

Now a grown woman, Kach has spoken for the first time about her horrific ordeal in her new book, 'Memoirs of a Milk Carton Kid.' Kach admits that she was already a troubled teen at the time of her abduction.

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She told KDKA-TV: "My mother wasn't in my life at that point. My dad completely forgot he even had had a daughter and we were living under the same roof, and I was hanging around with the wrong crowd."

"He (Hose) was an authority figure, wearing a uniform and a badge. (He was) somebody that you would trust, and he befriended me."

Kach ran away from home to Hose's house, where he lived with his parents and a son. Hose's parents claim they never knew about the teenager who spent 10 years hidden in the second-floor bedroom.

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Kach told CBS News that her life, confined to Hose's bedroom 24 hours a day, was "absolutely horrible." She was allowed downstairs to a take a shower just once a week and forced to use a bucket as a toilet.

The hardest time for the missing girl were holidays. She spent four Christmas Eves inside a closet on the second floor of the Hose family home: "It broke my heart. I thought of my family, wondering if they were thinking about me."

Hose over time trusted Kach with limited freedom to go out. She was befriended by the owner of a nearby shop and one day told him that her name was Tanya and that she was the girl that police had been searching for all these years.

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Thomas Hose, now 53, was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a minor, interfering with the custody of a child and child endangerment. He is eligible for parole in February 2012.

Kach has claimed that her father doesn't believe her account of being kept under Hose's mental and physical control. After she escaped, Jerry Kach verbally abused her and said he didn't love her, she claims in the book.

Appearing on the 'Dr. Phil' chat show earlier this week, Kach said she had cut her father out of her life two years ago because she "didn't need the negativity."


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