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Woman Raped And Left For Dead After Date With A Man She Met On Facebook

A woman who went on a date with a man she met on Facebook was beaten, raped, stabbed in the neck with a screwdriver and left for dead in a remote field. Before she passed, though, the woman was able to get one final message to police.

Eliza Dragne, 30, believed she had met a single humanitarian aid worker who devoted his time and efforts towards helping orphaned children. In reality, she met Nicu Alin Cristea, 28, a married man who devoted his time and efforts towards raping and beating women.

After meeting each other on Facebook, Dragne agreed to go on a date with Cristea. She thought they were going out for drinks but instead, Cristea drove her to a rural area on the outskirts of Alexandria in southern Romania’s Teleorman County.

Cristea proceeded to lead Dragne into field where he brutally attacked and raped her. During the attack, Cristea reportedly strangled Dragne and stabbed her in the neck with a screwdriver before leaving her for dead in the secluded field.

The attacker believed his victim was dead and proceeded to remove any trace of contact between them from her phone. The only problem was that Drange was not dead.

Despite the damage suffered from the attack, Dragne was somehow able to crawl back onto the road where she got help. She was airlifted to Bagdasar-Arseni Hospital in Bucharest. Police said it must have taken her hours to crawl back onto the road.

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At the hospital, Dragne told investigators the identity of the man who attacked her. As police were on their way to arrest Cristea, Dragne slipped into a coma and died.

Cristea was in the middle of celebrating his one-month wedding anniversary when the police arrived to arrest him. Although he denied having anything to do with the attacks, his defense crumbled when Dragne named him as her attacker.

Since the incident, police said that other alleged victims have come forward with similar claims against Cristea. One woman claimed that Cristea fractured her skull and broke her hand.

Rodica Dragne, Eliza’s mother, was heartbroken by the loss of her daughter. “Why did he have to kill her and destroy her?” she told local media. “He had a home and a marriage so why destroy my daughter’s life and chance of having the same?”

Rodica graciously agreed to donate her daughter’s organs, which have gone on to save three other lives. Cristea is currently being held in custody while the investigation continues.

Source: Mirror Online / Photo Credit: Facebook


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