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Woman Puts PVC Pipe On Wall For Odd Reason, Family Realizes She's Brilliant

Woman Puts PVC Pipe On Wall For Odd Reason, Family Realizes She's Brilliant Promo Image

A woman discovered a simple, inexpensive way to install curtain rods in her newly renovated office without spending a fortune.

Blogger Shelley Detton wrote about her curtain rods in her blog, 7 Layer Studio, explaining that she came to the realization that PVC pipes could do the job that expensive curtain rods normally do.

“I didn't want to spend a fortune on these walls, and I wanted the drapes to completely cover the space between the windows, so I knew I could get away with the 45 angle PVC couplers and the super cheap curtain rod brackets (you can buy them in unfinished pairs at Lowes for a couple bucks each set),” she explained in the blog.

“So I painted the pipes black with spray paint that's especially designed for plastic, and I only had to buy 2 unfinished finials for either end of the curtain rods (which I also painted black, obviously).”

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Detton said the entire setup, including the PVC pipes, brackets, finials and spray paint, cost only $20. 

“To make the finials (which come with a screw inserted in them already) attach to the ends of the PVC, I could have glued wooden dowels inside the ends and then screwed into that, but instead I sprayed some of that expandable caulk sealant stuff (the foamy kind that expands and then hardens) into the open ends of the PVC, then taped the finials in place on the end before the foam had a chance to expand/escape/ooze out the end,” she wrote.

“Once it hardened (about 30 minutes) they were firmly secured in place and I didn't have to go try and find a dowel that would fit just right inside the pipe.

On her wall, it would be hard to tell the curtain rods weren’t expensive metal rods and were only cheap PVC pipes. 

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Try Detton’s trick if you’re looking to renovate on a budget.


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