Neighbors Attacked Over Racial Feud (Video)

An Ohio woman and her nephew are facing charges for attacking their neighbors after a race-based feud took a violent turn.

According to Warren Police, Alesia Code and her nephew David Boss have had an ongoing feud with their neighbors. Code says that the feud has been going on for nearly three years and says that she has a protection order against the woman who lives next door.

In a disturbing surveillance video (below) of the attack, Code is seen holding up a sign that reads, "My racist neighbors say they will lynch and burn my body."

Boss suddenly attacks the man, beating him to the ground, before turning his attention to the woman and hitting her.

Code and Boss are both facing charges of aggravated assault for the incident, but claim that their neighbors are the ones who provoked the incident.

"He threatened to lynch my nephew's body," Code told WKBN. "That's why he got punched."

"Alesia is claiming that there's some racial tension between the two of them and they're throwing out some racial slurs," Warren Police Capt. Robert Massucci said. "I don't know that anybody deserves to get beat like that based on them saying anything bad to that individual."

The woman who was beaten in the video told police that she didn't do anything to start the fight and that she was very emotional about the incident.

"The problem I got is these people never try to defend themselves whatsoever and they continue to assault them, even when they're not defending themselves or throwing punches in return," Massucci said. "So, to me, that's upsetting."

Code claims to have pursued a legal end to the feud prior to the altercation. 

"I have a charge on me," she said. "Now, how is that possible if I've been violated so many times by these people and I have a protection order?"

Sources: WKBN, WFMJ via YouTube / Photo Credit: WFMJ via YouTube

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