Video: Woman Caught on Tape Throwing Cat in Garbage


How effed up ARE people?!

A woman in Coventry, England put a can into a bin, closed it, then walked away after the cat came up to her looking for some affection on the sidewalk.

In the video, the cat is seen approaching the woman, who pets it. The cat is extremely friendly and seems to be appreciating the pets the woman is giving it. Until the woman suddenly picks it up by the scruff of its neck and tosses it in a recycling bin!

The woman is spotted in the video above looking around to make sure she isn’t seen before putting the cat into the bin. Afterwards she briskly walks away as though nothing ever happened.

The owner ended up finding the cat 15 hours later after its meows alerted him. He wondered what had happened so he went back to his surveillance video and watched. He was shocked and appalled at what he saw.

Darryl, 26, said: “I’d like to know how she would feel if she was stuck in a bin for 15 hours without food or drink. It was really hot day outside. I searched nearby alleyways [for Lola] but suddenly heard a tiny meowing coming from the bin. I looked inside and I found her in the bin. She was terrified and covered in her own mess.”

Police and the RSPCA are investigating, but apparently the woman won’t be charged with anything because she didn’t “commit a crime.” Appalling. Still, they had better hope they get to the lady before the vigilante cat/animal lovers do!

The owner of Lola the cat has started a Facebook page to help locate the woman who did this. Visit the page HERE.

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