Woman Accused Of Pouring Chemicals Into Baby Bottle


A 36-year-old woman from Carol Stream, Illinois, has been arrested on charges of aggravated battery and domestic battery after allegedly putting nail polish remover in her 17-month-old stepdaughter's bottle.

Andrea Vazquez-Hernandez was taken into custody following the May 29 incident, according to media reports.

Police were called to Vazquez-Hernandez’s home by the child’s father. The man had given his daughter a bottle, but she immediately spit out the contents.

“An investigation into the matter revealed that at some point in time earlier that day, the victim’s stepmother allegedly added approximately one inch of nail polish remover to the baby bottle,” a statement from the DuPage County State’s Attorney read, according to WGN.

No information was provided on how the police reached this conclusion.

The girl’s father said he immediately took his daughter to the hospital. She was later released after all tests came back normal.

“The allegations against this defendant are extremely disturbing,” added State’s Attorney Robert Berlin. “Thankfully, the young victim in this case did not ingest any of the nail polish remover allegedly supplied by her stepmother.”

Vazquez-Hernandez’s bail was set at $250,000 by a judge May 31, according to KGO. Her next appearance in court is set for June 27.

No possible motive for Vazquez-Hernandez’s alleged actions has been reported.

Sources: KGO, WGN / Photo credit: DuPage County State’s Attorney/KGO

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