Driver Crashes Into Mom's Car To Save Baby's Life


A Florida woman heroically crashed her car into the vehicle of a mother who was having a stroke behind the wheel, saving the life of the driver and her baby daughter.

Brigitte Gonzalez saw Nakia Moore foaming at the mouth while driving her car, and, recognizing that the woman was showing the symptoms of a seizure, steered her car slowly into Moore's to bring the vehicle to a stop, Daily Mail reports.

"I remember the car rolling," Moore told WSVN after the incident, "and after that is just a blank." Moore said the next thing she remembers is coming to and seeing bystanders and officers around her car.

"Everybody was honking, honking, honking -- I looked to my left, and I saw the lady, and she was having a stroke, a seizure," said Gonzalez. "She was foaming out of the mouth. She was just shaking. Then I saw her daughter, and that's when I guess it hit me in my heart that I was like, have to stop her."

"I just decided to slow down and kind of slightly hit her," continued Gonzalez. "It wasn’t like a hard impact. I slightly hit the tip of the front of her car."

The small impact was enough to halt Moore's car while another passerby called for help from police. Broward Sheriff's Office Sgt. Kypps Pollard said Gonzalez positioned her car so that it would minimize the amount of damage.

"Thank God that there are good people out there that do things just for the right reason," said Pollard.

Moore also said that Gonzalez saved the lives of both her and her daughter. "I'm just grateful for her," Moore said. "I thank God for her."

Moore and Gonzalez, who had never met before the incident, now say that they will be lifelong friends. "I’m just happy that she’s OK," said Gonzalez. "Honestly, I don’t care so much about the car. I just want her and her daughter to be OK."

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Source: Daily Mail, WSVN / Photo credit: WSVN and Facebook via Daily Mail

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