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Woman Punishes Cat For Eating Her Pizza, Posts Picture To Facebook

A woman lashed out at her cat because it ate her pizza, and her actions were attacked on social media.

The unidentified Facebook user hails from Swansea, South Wales, and was angered when her cat ate the pizza she had been looking forward to all day.

The woman posted the following status update to Facebook:

"Can't believe my f****** cat ate a £15 pizza fat c*** I'm livid I been looking forward to that all day like!

"My pussy will will be getting wet tonight let me tell you!. Little c***!"

The woman’s reaction was to lock the cat in a cage and place it in a bathtub full of water as punishment.

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Mirror reports she posted a photo of the torturous act to Facebook with the caption, "Have a bath to go with your pizza u fat slag.”

The photo generated a great many responses.

“Hope you choke on ur ***** pizza u fat ****,” one response read from XLouise Robbinsx.

“Hope someone drowns you, you absolute waste of oxygen,” read another response from Sammi Pycroft.

Metro reports the woman responded to the outrage over her post with angry words.  She called the users “band wagon jumping c***s” and that “this has really pissed me off!”

The post was removed from Facebook but not before it was captured in a screen shot and sent to the RSPCA.

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The RSPCA visited the woman’s home, according to a recent Facebook post she made.

“Animal inspection check was tip top so go find something else to do with your pathetic lives!!!” she wrote. “Like I’ve said before my 3 animals are more well looked after than your pathetic lives!!!”

Sources: MirrorMetro  Photo Source: Mirror


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