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Wife Fatally Shoots Husband Before Killing Herself At Grocery Store

A Georgia woman was at an Atlanta supermarket with her husband when she allegedly shot him dead before turning the gun on herself.

According to reports, 54-year-old Paula Strange and her 52-year-old husband Bruce Strange were eating at a Moe’s Southwest Grill in the same plaza as a Kroger in Atlanta when they got into an argument.

“They were in our store eating,” said a witness who works at the Moe’s restaurant. “I assumed they were having an argument. The gentleman went to the bathroom, ran out the door, jumped over the patio fence and ran behind the restaurant.”

Paula Strange then reportedly followed her husband in her car by the grocery store when she suddenly pulled out a gun and shot him in front of stunned shoppers. After killing her husband, Paula got out of her, turned the gun on herself, and ended her own life.

“It's just mind-blowing,” one person told the station. “You come to Kroger to get some groceries... and find out that there is somebody with some kind of issue in their life. They just snapped, and it's just unfortunate. There's families on both sides that are going to be involved and there's going to be a lot of hurt from his and hers, and I'm at a loss for words.”

Bruce Strange’s body was reportedly still lying on the sidewalk for three hours after the public shooting occurred. Police are still investigating the incident.


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