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Woman Pranks Her Husband After Dying

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A deceased cancer patient's prank has captured international attention, amusing thousands worldwide.

Before Phedre Nicol died at age 69, she made her husband of 52 years, Nigel, vow to always water her plants after she passed, the couple's daughter, Antonia Nicol, 46, shared on Twitter.

The plants looked so healthy, it was obvious Nigel kept his promise -- until closer inspection revealed the hilarious truth.

According to Antonia, her father "religiously" watered the plants for years until he sold his house and moved into a retirement home. That's when the reality of the plants finally hit him.

"They look so amazing he decided to take them to his new home, only to discover they are plastic!" Antonia wrote on Twitter.

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She continued, adding she could hear her fun-loving mother "chuckling" at the prank she pulled.

"She was very funny," wrote Antonia in a separate tweet. "Had a cheeky sense of [humor] for sure."

"My poor dad probably thought the toilet had a permanent leak as there was always water on the floor," she added.

The story delighted thousands across the world, many of whom called Phedre a "legend" for the prank.

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"I love this story," wrote one person in the Daily Mail's comments section. "This lady obviously knew when her husband realized the plants were plastic, that he would laugh, it would be like them sharing one last joke together."

"Your mum sounds like a scream!" added another on Twitter. "Sorry for your loss but happy you had such a wonderful parent."

"Being able to make a joke like that when facing your own end shows true strength of character," chimed in a third. "Sounds like a lady who anyone would have been lucky to have on their side. Lucky man to have shared his life with her."

"Aw thank you for the late night chuckle, and caring heartfelt tingle," tweeted another woman. "I gather your Mother and Father were made for each other in the stars. What a brilliant sense of humor, too."

Others shared their own heartwarming and hilarious stories of loved ones pulling off similar pranks near their time of death.

"Before my mom died we made a picture with the whole family there she is sitting in the middle of all of us, she always wanted a pic like that," recalls one person on Twitter. "after she died we looked at the pic and saw that she had stuck her tongue out at us."

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