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Woman Pours Boiling Water Over Husband's Genitals After he Cheats

One woman sought revenge over her husband’s cheating by pouring boiling water onto his genitals as he slept.

Yolivel Lopez of Colombia poured the boiling water over Nefer Netan’s genitals when he slept after she discovered he was cheating on her.

Netan arrived home early on Tuesday morning, saying he had been out for drinks with friends.

She allowed him to fall asleep, but while he fell asleep, she was in the kitchen boiling up some water.

After it was boiled, she carried the pot into the room he was sleeping in and poured it over his lap.

Netan screamed so loudly that the neighbors heard. He was soon taken to the hospital.

Reports indicate that Netan’s genitals were “utterly destroyed” by the boiling water.

Lopez likely left town after the incident, as she has not been seen.

While this is a shocking case of revenge, there have been many others just as upsetting.

In 2012, a woman chopped her boyfriend’s penis off and flushed it down the toilet after she found out he was cheating.

She used a kitchen knife to cut it off while he was sleeping in a hostel in Peru.

The girlfriend attempted to flee the scene, but was caught by workers at the hostel. When she was asked about the attack, she said she did it because he was unfaithful.

In 2011, a woman also cut off a man’s penis after he attempted to rape her. She said the man barged into her home and started assaulting her.

In the same year, a California woman cut her husband’s penis off after she drugged him and tied him to a bed. She cut it off with a large knife and threw it down a garbage disposal.

She is now in jail and has pled not guilty to all charges.

One woman took the penis cutting trend to another level by slitting her boyfriend’s throat as well.

Cristal Paulette Richardson, from Dallas, was charged with murdering Cedric Lamont Owens, an act that involved first cutting off his penis.



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