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Woman Posts N-Word Sign About Neighbor's Children

A neighborhood feud in Spokane, Wash., has turned ugly.

Jennifer Garrison claims that her neighbor has verbally attacked her and posted signs in a window that use the N-word and "hillbillies."

Garrison has two teens, who are half-Cambodian, that are called the N-word in the neighbor's signs that face her backyard.

According to, one sign read, NO UR N-------."

"I'm a prisoner in my own home," Garrison told KXLY. "I can't enjoy my front yard, I can't go in my backyard. It's usually based around hillbillies and has a picture of her hand flipping us off and it says 'hillbillies' underneath it."

“I don't care if they're blue or purple, they're kids. Leave them alone, that's all I want,” Garrison said in reference to the N-word sign that attacks her children.

The neighbor told KXLY, off-camera, that the N-word sign probably went too far, but claims the Garrisons are unkempt and often report her dog to authorities.

After her interview with KXLY, the neighbor removed her signs.

Spokane Police say that the offensive signs are protected under the First Amendment.

“It's like she knows the law so well that she dances around this little line where she won't get in trouble,” Garrison stated. “The hands of God cannot pull me from this house, she's not going to get me to move. If that what her goal is, it's not going to work."

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