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Woman With Skin Condition Refused Service At Hair Salon

Woman With Skin Condition Refused Service At Hair Salon Promo Image

A woman who suffers from a skin condition said she was left sobbing after a hairdresser refused service to her.

Julia, 31, suffers from psoriatic arthritis and is forced to walk with a cane, Little Things reported. At one point, Julia was even using a walker.

She was recovering at home from surgery one day when she decided to treat herself and get her hair done. But when she sat in the beautician's chair, the hairdresser asked her, "Are you contagious?"

Julia had dry, itchy patches of skin on her scalp. She told the hairdresser it wasn't contagious, but the beautician still refused to cut her hair and sent her on her way.

Julia said she couldn't stop sobbing when she got in her car.

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"She made me feel self-conscious," Julia said. "She made me feel like I had done something wrong… that there was something wrong with me."

Julia shared her story in a Facebook group for people who suffer from psoriatic arthritis. Several social media users offered comforting words to her.

Despite the social media outcry, the salon's manager insisted that hairdressers have the right to refuse service to patrons if they are concerned about health conditions. The manager reportedly suggested that Julia bring medical documents proving her condition is not contagious next time she comes to the salon.

"We're not doctors," the manager said.

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Julia said she believes people in the service field should be more accommodating and provide equal treatment.

"Be kind. Whether they have something wrong with them or not, you should be able to give them the best service that you can," Julia said.

Reactions to the incident were mixed among social media users. While some felt the salon was unprofessional, others argued that they were within their rights.

"How sad. Hairstylist needs to learn about skin problems and the difference between what's contagious and [what isn't]," wrote one Facebook user on Newsiosity's page.

"Bring medical records? Are u kidding?" asked another. "Who carries their medical records?"

"I don't blame the stylist..if it was contagious she wouldn't want to chance getting it herself or spread it to other clients," argued one user. "If the stylist wasn't familiar with the condition it was a legitimate question/ concern and was depending on the client telling the truth...that is part of their job…"

"Ignorance abounds here.....two of my sons are licensed cosmetologist. They could lose their license for working on someone with a contagion or open sores," added another. "Unfortunately the client was unaware of this. She needs to bring in appropriate paperwork or be prepared to be embarrassed again."

"Psoriasis on the scalp is fairly common. A true 'professional' should know that," wrote another. "I would definitely find somewhere else to go."

Sources: Little Things, Newsiosity/Facebook / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Shareably via Business Inward, Mainstream/Flickr

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