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Woman Poses For Picture With Stolen Credit Card

A Florida woman took a photo of herself holding a stolen credit card, and now, police are trying to track her down.

Reports say that the credit card was stolen from a 74-year-old woman last month while she shopped at Walmart. Not long after, the woman who stole the card attempted to purchase more than $400 of merchandise at a beauty supply store in Ocala, and while checking out, the clerk asked her to show identification.

The woman told the clerk that she did not have her identification with her, but showed him a picture in which she had the same name on the credit card. The Ocala Police Department’s report says that the clerk “still did not feel comfortable with the transaction so he requested to take a photo of the subject with the card.” The woman agreed and was ultimately able to purchase more than $430 in merchandise from the beauty store.

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Just this past Sunday, the 74-year-old credit card holder noticed the charges on her bill and called the police. Now, authorities are using the picture to try and get the public to help identify the thief.

Sources: The Smoking Gun, Ocala Police Department


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