Woman Pleads Guilty To Biting Attack, Blames PMS


A mother-of-three in Wales is accused of attacking her boyfriend’s sister and biting the woman’s face.

Lindsey Leslie told investigators she was suffering from severe premenstrual syndrome when she slammed 35-year-old Janey Davies’ head into a jukebox and bit her face in a Carmarthen pub on June 21.

Leslie was arrested the following day after investigators took a DNA swab of the victim’s face.

She pleaded guilty to common assault in Llanelli Magistrates' claiming that premenstrual symptoms had made her aggressive. Her attorney Robyn Reed argued “she had been diagnosed with severe premenstrual tension,” also know are premenstrual syndrome.

“This can cause her to be aggressive when she comes into contact with people she does not know,” Reed told the court.

The prosecution argued that the attack was premeditated.

“Leslie shouted ‘I’m going to gouge you’ before biting the victim on the face,” prosecutor Ellie Morgan told the court. “Miss Davies went to the toilet and when she came back her partner said he had tried to speak to her brother and got a barrage of abuse back.

“After a quick word with her partner Leslie approached his sister. Miss Davies's head was then pushed with force against the pub jukebox,” Morgan continued. “Miss Davies was very scared. She tried to push the defendant away and thought she was really going to hurt her.”

Leslie was sentenced to 12 months of community serve with supervision and a requirement that she attended 10 anger management sessions.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / David Blaikie, Medium.com/Flickr


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