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Diamond Heist Foiled When Thief Gets Locked In Vault (Video)

A woman allegedly tried to rob a jeweler and his store in Boca Raton, Florida, but found herself trapped inside of a vault room instead (video below).

Fatima Milanovic, 46, went to ECJ Luxe Collection on March 18 as a representative for a potential buyer in a deal that had been ongoing for weeks, the jewelry store's owner Vladislav "Bobby" Yampolsky told WPEC, the Sun Sentinel reports. The deal was for nearly $7 million worth of diamonds, according to a police report.

When Milanovic arrived to inspect the stones, Yampolsky knew something was not right.

"She came here to inspect stones without bringing any tools, no magnifying glass, no diamond dealers loop, nothing," he said, adding that "it was obvious she was about to pull something."

Yampolsky took Milanovic to a VIP safe room in the store where large transactions take place. While there, police said she tried to distract him several times while the diamonds were on a table.

In an edited version of surveillance footage from the store, which was shared online, Milanovic can be seen examining the stones and wrapping them in her own material, of which the police report states she insisted on doing when the deal was made.

Investigators believe Milanovic tried to switch the package of diamonds with a similar package she already had in her bag.

"That's how she tried to scam us," Yampolsky told WPEC. "She brought her own materials, wrapped it herself with her own tape and tried to pull the switch because she had the identical package in her bag pre-made."

The video shows Yampolsky standing up from his chair to exit the room and grabbing Milanovic's bag on his way out. She manages to stop him from taking her bag, but he then leaves the vault, closes the safe room door and locks her inside of it.

The full surveillance video reportedly shows Milanovic making a call from inside of the vault room. She then allegedly "starts to rip up and attempt to destroy the pre-made package that was already in her purse," according to the Sun Sentinel.

Had Milanovic been successful in the theft, then she would have left with 11 stones worth $6.7 million, the police report states.

Authorities booked Milanovic, who carried a French passport, into the local jail and charged the allegedly thief with organized fraud and grand theft. She was released on $50,000 bond.

Sources: WPECSun SentinelECJ Luxe Collection via YouTube / Photo credit: TVZ Design/Flickr

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