Woman Pays Divorce Settlement in Pennies, Rice, and Beans


A penny for your thoughts?

According to an account on Reddit, one woman had a lot of thoughts for her ex-husband.

As noted by Inquisitr, one mysterious woman paid her ex-husband their divorce settlement of $50.12 in pennies. She also included three dollars worth of rice and beans. She attached both the receipt and a note reading,

“Andy, Here’s forty seven dollars and twelve cents in pennies. The other three dollars paid for the containers that I used. Receipt is included if you want to return them… I hope you have a fab life! B/C I know mine’s 20X better without you in it! Thank you!”

How did her ex-husband take it? Well, he posted it on Reddit and seems to find it as funny as the rest of the commentators.

Perhaps this story does, in fact, have a happy ending.

Sources: Reddit, Inquisitr


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