Gold Coast Women Caught on Camera Attacking, Spitting on Elderly Man (Video)


One of the two women who were caught on video viciously attacking a 77-year-old man walked free from court today.

In February, 21-year-old Larna Watmough and 17-year-old Layni Cameron assaulted 77-year-old Paul Buttigieg while they were on a bus in the Gold Coast suburb of Kirra.

The incident was captured on an another passenger’s cell phone and shows Watmough punching, kicking and spitting at the man as she and Cameron hurl insults at him.

MailOnline reports that onlookers yelled at the women to stop attacking the man. Another male passenger eventually stepped in and forced the two women off the bus.

After footage of the incident went viral, Watmough and Cameron handed themselves in to the police.

As Gold Coast Bulletin reports, Watmough was charged with one count of public nuisance and one count serious assault of a person over age 60. 

In court, Magistrate Gary Finger condemned Watmough’s “appalling” behavior, referring to her and Cameron as “louts” and “idiots.”

“You attacked a defenseless old man with impaired vision…you certainly must be proud of yourself,” Finger said.

Prosecutor Danielle Hunt told the court that the women’s actions were completely out of proportion to anything Buttigieg had said to the pair.

“This was senseless, gratuitous violence,” Hunt said.

Watmough’s lawyer, Jodi Allen, said that her client had received death threats and had even had job interviews terminated when employers realized who she was. Allen noted that her client expressed genuine remorse for the incident, and that she had no history of violence.

Watmough was given a two-month sentence, wholly suspended for 18 months. Furthermore, she was ordered to pay $500 compensation. She also received a 12-month probation for the public nuisance charge.

Cameron’s plea was adjourned until a later date. The 17-year-old remains in custody on unrelated drug and robbery charges.

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Photo Sources: 9NewsMailOnline


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