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Woman Passed Out At Portland Airport Had One Pound Of Cocaine In Condoms In Stomach

A Bronx woman found passed out in a Portland, Ore., airport while en route to Alaska had 70 bindles of cocaine in her stomach.

Lavona Tashica Anderson, 29, overdosed Monday in the bathroom of Portland International Airport after at least two of the condoms burst, Portland police said in a statement.

Before travelling she had swallowed more than a pound of cocaine wrapped in condoms, or “bindles.”

Police said while she was hospitalized she “passed” about 70 marbles of cocaine.

Anderson recently made a roundtrip from New York City to the Dominican Republic before heading towards Alaska by way of Portland, according to the criminal complaint.

Charged with drug trafficking, Anderson was booked into county jail Thursday morning, after being released from the hospital.

Sources: New York Daily News


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