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Woman Outraged After Pizza Shop Manager Writes Vulgar Message On Her Receipt

A New Jersey woman says she is shocked and offended by what a manager at a pizza shop wrote on her receipt.

“I just had to shake my head because I couldn’t believe it,” Loretta Smith Layne told NBC 10.

Layne visited Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz on Burgling Road in Bridgeton on July 25. She placed an order for wings, requesting that they be “fried hard.”

When she got her receipt, she noticed a vulgar message written underneath the special instructions stating, “Fried hard like a black !!!!."

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“I was very offended and upset and disrespected to get those words on a receipt,” Layne said.

The news station contacted the manager at the pizza shop who Layne claims took the order. That manager denied the claims and put his father, Danny Sommeling, owner of Danny’s Pizza, on the phone.

Sommeling was then confronted on camera. He told reporters he couldn’t be too sure where the receipt came from and asked them to get off his property.

However, Layne showed NBC 10 text messages she claim were from Sommeling. In those messages, the owner apologized to Layne for his son’s poor choice of words, saying it was “definitely not professional.”

“He needs to realize what he’s done,” Layne added. “It’s not acceptable. Not to me. And I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I went through.”

Sources: NBC 10, Geo News

Photo Credit: Screenshot from NBC 10


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