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Woman Offers Warning To Other Drivers After Ride Home Takes A Scary, Dangerous Turn

Tina and Kevin Morales were driving on the I-35 in Austin, Texas, when a rock was thrown at their car, breaking through the windshield and hitting Tina in the neck.

Though Tina only suffered scratches and swelling, the attack was just one of 41 rock-throwing incidents along the same stretch of road, Fox 7 Austin reported.

"Out of nowhere!," Kevin said. "We were in the left-hand lane next to the median. Boom - it came through like a missile."

Tina was stunned. “I literally thought I got shot. I kept on saying I think someone shot me in the neck, someone shot me in the neck,” she said.

This incident is unusual because it didn’t occur near a freeway overpass. The rock-throwing started in June 2014, and five people have been hurt so far, two of them critically. It’s currently unclear if all of the incidents are related.

“We have not been able to identify anybody in this case. I know detectives have talked to some people and witnesses but they’re having trouble identifying someone,” Austin Police Spokeswoman Veneza Bremner told KXAN after a similar attack in October. 

Austin police are looking into adding more cameras to the area, but it’s an expensive venture. The 41 cameras currently in use reportedly cost $44,000 a year to maintain.

"It's crazy. You just don't expect something like this, simply driving home,” Tina said.


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