Woman Offers Insane Excuse After Pleading Guilty To Attacking 81-Year-Old Man (Photos)


A woman who drunkenly assaulted an 81-year-old man in his home in the early hours on New Year’s Day pleaded guilty to the horrific random act of violence. However, when she appeared in court, she claimed she couldn’t remember much about her state on the night in question due to “alcohol-induced amnesia.”

28-year-old mother-of-one Lyndsey Stirling appeared before a court and admitted to assaulting 81-year-old Daniel Martin, but she claimed that she didn’t have much of a recollection of the night due to “amnesia” from drinking too much.

What an investigation says happened, however, proves the random and cruel nature behind Stirling’s assault. In the early morning hours of January 1, Stirling was out drinking with her husband, brother and the brother’s girlfriend when a cab driver kicked her out on the street near Daniel Martin’s home because she didn’t have enough money. Meanwhile, 81-year-old Martin had just recently arrived home after celebrating with relatives. While watching some television in his own living room, he answered a knock at the door.

Stirling, in a drunken state, confronted Martin and claimed he was her stepfather before striking him in the face with her elbow, knocking him to the ground, and continuing to beat him while on top of him.

“When he opened the door, he was confronted by Lyndsey Stirling, who made a comment similar to ‘you’re my stepfather,’” said fiscal depute Mark Allan. “She then struck him on the face with her elbow, causing him to fall. She then continued the assault. She continually struck him as he lay on the floor. Mr Martin can recall the accused placing a foot on his chest and applying pressure by placing her hands on her knee and pushing down.”

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The assault reportedly lasted for about an hour before Martin’s daughter and another relative came to the home to check on him, catching Stirling in the act.

“They saw him lying on the floor with no clothing on his lower body and his pajama top ripped open,” said Allan. “She saw he had bruising to his face and arms and Mr. Martin said, ‘Agnes, they have battered me.’ When they challenged the accused, she said, ‘That is my stepdad.’”

Stirling reportedly had to be restrained by her husband until police came while Martin sat in agony after the terrifying beating. Martin's daughter, Agnes McMahon, says that her father’s health has not been the same since.

“Dad has no quality of life now,” McMahon said. “He used to be so proud of his appearance and was going to see his brothers and sisters all the time, getting buses everywhere. Now he can’t sleep without the door open and the light on. He will never be the same.”

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McMahon says they are grateful that Stirling has pled guilty, but they don’t understand why she claims she is suffering from amnesia.

“The guilty plea is a major step forward so we are relieved. But it is very strange that she can remember certain things in detail but not attacking him,” McMahon said.

Stirling is currently out on bail until sentencing next month.

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