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Woman is Obsessed with Toy Lamb, Brings it Everywhere she Goes

The episodes of My Strange Addiction seem to get stranger and stranger, as Wednesday night’s episode features a 27-year-old woman who is obsessed with her stuffed toy lamb.

While many might expect her obsession to only go so far as sleeping with the toy, surprisingly, Audrey takes her lamb everywhere she goes and even takes it to playgrounds.

“The lamb is my best friend,” she said.

She received it as a gift five years ago and since then, has been unable to do anything without it. She takes it to the gym when she works out, to the grocery store, and everywhere imaginable.

“The lamb just sort of spoke something to me that no other stuffed animal ever has before,” she said.

Audrey said she finds comfort in the stuffed toy.

“I think the lamb and I share a spiritual connection. When I am looking into the lamb’s eyes, I feel a sense of comfort and peace. I can just feel the stress floating up and away.”

During her spare time, she takes the lamb to the playground, reads it bedtime stories, takes it for walks on the beach and even pretends to feed it.

To ensure the lamb is safe while she works out, she puts it in her fanny pack and hops on the treadmill.

While he sister Ansley thinks the relationship is odd, Audrey said the lamb is “really just carefree and adventurous and awesome.”

The same episode also features a woman who is obsessed with eating deodorant.

Nicole, 19, started eating it two years ago and is now up to 15 sticks a month.

“When I wake up in the morning I want deodorant,” she said. “After each meal I want deodorant. When I’m stressed out I eat deodorant.”

She even wakes up in the middle of the night with deodorant cravings.

Usually, she eats it by scooping it out with the cap. But she sometimes buys spray deodorant and sprays it on her tongue. Sometimes she prefers the spray because it doesn’t leave a residue.

“I take deodorant with me everywhere I go, because I never know when I’m going to crave it,” she said.



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