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Woman Makes Strange Discovery In Group Selfies (Photos)

An English woman made a surprising discovery after comparing two group selfies taken two years apart, both on airplanes.

Sharon Haak went on a girl's weekend in Palma, Spain, with two friends, the Daily Mirror reports. While sitting on their plane, awaiting the flight, the group of blonde women took a group selfie.

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Looking back at the selfie, Sharon thought something about it felt strangely familiar. That's when she realized something surprising.

In 2014, Haak went on the same trip to Palma with friends and took a very similar selfie while waiting for the plane to take off. However, it wasn't the setting or the subjects of the photo that shocked Sharon, but it was what she saw in the background.

After further examination of the two selfies, Haak says she is convinced both of the pictures, taken two years apart, may feature the same person photobombing in the background.

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"I was looking through photos on Saturday night and [realized] that both photos were similar, then I looked closely at the photo bomber and became a little freaked out!," Haak told the Daily Mirror. "I posted it on Facebook in case I was imagining it and had a lot of comments from people remarking how weird/strange/freaky/bizarre/odd the photos were and that it looks like the same lad!"

Decide for yourself if you think these selfies both feature the same photobomber.

Sources: Daily MirrorDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Sharon Haak/Facebook via Daily Mirror

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