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Woman Named ‘Hitler’ Arrested For Stabbing Man At Utah Hippie Gathering

A woman who calls herself “Hitler” was arrested for stabbing a man at a massive annual hippie gathering near Salt Lake City on Monday.

Leilani Novak-Garcia, 32, is a member of the Rainbow Family of Living Light, which promotes non-violence and egalitarianism. She is better known as “Hitler” among her free-spirited friends, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The Rainbow Family gathering in Uinta National Forest attracted at least 650 nudists and pacifists. Up to 20,000 people will attend the gathering’s free main events, which will be held during the weekend of July 4.

On Monday, Novak-Garcia allegedly began honking her car horn around 1 a.m. and continued to do so for half an hour.

Another camper, 45-year-old Neil Sparling, asked her to stop, but she refused.

Sparling then opened the car’s hood and tried to disabled the horn. That’s when Novak-Garcia allegedly stabbed Sparling in the head and shoulder.

Sparling was taken to a hospital by park rangers.

Novak-Garcia was found hiding out in the camp Monday night. She was arrested and charged with attempted murder and is being held on $20,000 bail.

Sources: New York Daily News, Salt Lake Tribune


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