Woman Allegedly Kills Boyfriend Because He Was A 'Jerk' (Photos)

A Texas woman was arrested after allegedly shooting and cutting her boyfriend to death following a dispute.

Laura Flores Messick, 30, was taken into police custody on June 11 and charged with first-degree murder. If found guilty, she faces anywhere from five years to life in prison, according to San Antonio Express-News.

Messick's boyfriend, 40-year-old U.S. Army veteran Chason Montez-Deoca, was found dead at his residence on June 10. He had been shot in the chest and hand, and had been cut across the throat. He was lying in a pool of his own blood.

A 9 mm shell casing was discovered in the bathroom of the residence.

Messick and Montez-Deoca reportedly shared the home in which the killing took place. Police believe that Messick shot him twice before cutting his neck with a knife.

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Messick was identified as the primary suspect after police conducted interviews with family members and witnesses. According to the arrest affidavit, the victim's mother said her son had called her on the phone to tell her that he had been in an argument with Messick. She said she could hear Messick shouting and threatening her son in the background.

She went to check on her son the following day, and that's when she made the grim discovery.

A neighbor told KSAT she heard screams coming from next door.

"We had just sat down, and I heard a loud scream," she said. "It was the mom. Everybody was running out to the yard to hear where it was coming from."

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She added that nobody was aware that a crime had taken place.

"No one heard shots. ... We didn't hear anything."

Speaking to investigators, Messick reportedly admitted to murdering her boyfriend, stating that she shot him from the bathroom as he was standing in the hallway and used the knife afterward because she wasn't sure if the bullets had killed him.

She said she was angry with Montez-Deoca because he had forced her to leave a bar earlier that day. She reportedly added that she was thinking to herself, "What an a***ole, what a jerk," as she pulled the trigger.

Messick explained she fled the residence without calling the police because she figured they would charge her with murder.

She is now being held on a $75,000 bond.

Montez-Deoca served in Iraq and had two children from a previous relationship, according to the Daily Mail.

Sources: San Antonio Express-News, Daily Mail, KSAT / Photo credit: Ryk Neethling/Flickr, San Antonio Police Department via Daily Mail, Google Maps via Daily Mail

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