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Woman Miscarries Twins After Being Attacked During Robbery


A Houston, Texas, woman reportedly miscarried twins after being attacked during a robbery at a convenience story.

“I was telling them whatever you want, take it, but don't hit the girl because she is pregnant,” Karim Chunara, manager of the store, told ABC 7 of the moment before the robbers began attacking cashier Diana Davila. 

When the robbers first entered the store, they reportedly grabbed Chunara and forced him to the floor before jumping the counter.

“They were telling me, I'm gonna shoot you,” Chunara said.

The criminals then set their sights on Davila, kicking her in the stomach and slapping her several times.

“They took my life, the life of my babies,” Davila said. She was three months pregnant at the time of the attack. 

Davila subsequently visited the doctor to check on her babies, resulting in the news of her miscarriage due to stress and the injuries she sustained. 

“I don't care about it that they took the money, they took my babies,” she said.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing. 

Sources: ABC 7, Inquisitr / Photo credit: ABC 7 

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