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Woman Meets Parents 18 Years After Being Kidnapped (Photo)

An 18-year-old woman who was kidnapped hours after birth has been reunited with her biological parents.

Kamiyah Mobley was raised as Alexis Manigo by 51-year-old Gloria Williams, the Daily Mail reports.

Kamiyah's birth parents Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken have never stopped looking for their daughter since she was kidnapped in 1998 from a hospital in Florida.

Williams, who reportedly had a miscarriage a week before Kamiyah was born, drove to Jacksonville, allegedly put on a nurse’s uniform at the hospital and walked into Shanara's room, according to Walterboro Live. She told Shanara that Kamiyah, who was 8-hours-old at the time, had a fever and needed to be examined. Williams then took Kamiyah and left the hospital.

The sheriffs' office opened an investigation into the kidnapping, but the only pieces of evidence were a police sketch and a poor quality video from the hospital security system that showed the kidnapper leaving with Kamiyah.

Police worked more than 2,000 leads, but it wasn’t until Kamiyah herself suspected she was kidnapped that investigators were able to close the case.

Authorities arrested Williams on Jan. 13. She is awaiting extradition from South Carolina to Florida, where she will face kidnapping charges.

“I love you mom,” Kamiyah told Williams at the county jail in Walterboro, South Carolina. Williams blew Kamiyah a kiss as the girl cried out, “Momma.”

Kamiyah took to Facebook after news broke of the woman whom she thought was her mother had allegedly kidnapped her at birth.

“My mother raised me with everything I needed and most of all everything I wanted,” she wrote, according to the Daily Mail. “My mother is no felon.”

A DNA test confirmed that Kamiyah is the biological daughter of Shanara and Craig.

Kamiyah has been reunited with them, and the following photo was taken during their reunion.

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“It was the best day of my life,” Craig said of seeing his daughter for the first time. "It was a beautiful, beautiful day. We are so happy. I hope the world is rejoicing with us."

Craig and Shanara did not discuss the kidnapping with Kamiyah, but decided to focus on getting to know their daughter.

“We laughed, we chatted, we didn't allow any negative thoughts," Craig continued. "We didn't talk about the kidnapping. It's going to be hard for her to turn this into a positive. She's got very mixed emotions about the woman who raised her. But we are going to be there for her, this is just the start of a wonderful future.”

Williams is being held without bail and, if convicted, could serve life in prison.

Sources: Walterboro Live, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail, Daily Mail

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