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Woman Marries Stranger She Met On Facebook

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A Mississippi woman found the love of her life in the most unlikely of places when she married a man she had previously added as a friend on Facebook by accident.

Patsy Sutton, 60, added John Neeley, 62, as a friend on Facebook after she mistook him for a former classmate. 

As it turned out, Neeley had gone to a school that had the exact same name as Sutton’s, but it was 400 miles away. He also shared the same name as her friend.

The two soon began messaging one another despite the mistake.

A relationship began to grow as they talked to each other on the phone and eventually met in person.

“John was always such a gentleman,” Sutton told the Mirror. “He’d like and comment on my posts and tell me I was beautiful.”

The couple would stay up into the early morning hours chatting.

“We began to talk more and more,” she said. “My grandson even told me to ask John on a date as he noticed we were always messaging. I wasn’t nervous at all the first time I spoke to him, we’d become such good friends that we could talk about anything.”

The Georgia woman had been married twice before she began her relationship with Neeley.

“When I first saw John in person we couldn’t stop hugging and kissing,” she said of their 2010 meet up. “People were walking and driving by but we just stood there and looked at each other for what seemed like hours.”

She added, “I cried when he had to leave.”

Later that year, he came back for Christmas. Along with him came a pet puppy for her kids as well as an engagement ring for Sutton.

“I was floored when he asked me to marry him, it was so romantic,” Sutton said.

She has since moved from Mississippi to live with Neeley in Georgia.

“Now, John and I happily married and living with our 12 dogs,” she said. “We have a wonderful life together.”

She continued, "He is everything I ever prayed for — and I owe it all to an accidental Facebook add.”

Source: Metro, Mirror / Photo credit: Mirror


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