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Woman Marries Sister's Fiancé And Then Buries Him Alive

After convincing her sister’s fiancé to leave her so they could be together, a Chinese woman then allegedly buried him alive so she could be with her new lover.

Qiao Li Tsui, 25, had an affair with her sister’s fiancé Jian Tsao, 30, and managed to convince him to leave her sister and marry her instead. Her sister Wan Niu was left heartbroken.

Qiao and Jian were married in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, but one year later things changed for the couple.

UNILAD reports that boredom led Qiao to find a new lover, and she began an affair with Cai Chen, a man she met online.

Instead of filing for divorce, Qiao made a horrific decision as to how to get Jian out of her life: she allegedly buried him alive in a shallow grave.

The plot to get rid of Jian was reportedly planned by both Qiao and her new lover Cai.

Qiao took Jian up into the mountains, promising a picnic, and then attacked him with a knife, stabbing him in the chest repeatedly, reports The Mirror.

Cai, who was waiting nearby, then dug a shallow grave and threw Jian’s unconscious body into it.

Three days later, Cai turned himself into authorities. Qiao was also arrested.

An examination of Jian’s body discovered he had dirt and soil in his lungs, indicating he was still alive when the pair buried him.

"She is an evil, conniving bitch who deserves to be shot,” said Qiao’s sister Wan. “She ruined my happiness, destroyed my fiancé, and has now destroyed the life of this new lover. She has no remorse and no feelings. I hope she rots in hell."

Qiao Li is facing a life sentence in jail.

"This is one of the most diabolical love crimes we have ever come across,” said a police spokesman.

Sources: The Mirror, UNILAD / Photo Source: The Mirror


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