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Couple Gets Married After He Paid $100 For A First Date

A man and woman who got married after he paid her $100 to go on a date with her have shared their unusual first date story.

The couple met in 2014 on, a controversial dating site where men pay for dates with women. Christy Befera, now 42, and Frank Befera, now 47, married in a low-key ceremony on a beach in Florida at the end of March 2017, Daily Mail reports.

Christy, who works as a caregiver, said she had joined the site mainly to pay her utility and vet bills, and hadn't expected to find love.

"I wasn't looking for anything in particular," Christy said. "I thought if I met someone awesome, it would be great, but if I didn't, it would mean I could pay a few bills and have a few nice evenings. For me, it was a win-win situation."

Frank, who works in IT and said he had been single for about a year before joining the site a few months after hearing about it on a radio show, was the one to initiate the relationship.

"She was beautiful and I thought she was out of my league, but it was worth a shot," said Frank, who put in an offer to take Christy on a date. Christy accepted the offer, and the couple agreed on $100 for the date.

On their first date in April 2014, Frank took Christy to a piano bar, where he performed a song that he had written for her. Frank said he waited until the end of the date to give her the $100.

"I didn't mention the money until the end, as I didn't want her to get the money, decide she didn't like me and leave," he said. "It gave me a chance to charm her."

"It was an awesome night," Christy shared. "We talked for hours and just really got on. He had me hooked from that point on. I didn't tell him that, but I knew he did."

Christy went on two other dates from the site, making $100 for each date, but said "none of my other dates compared to Frank."

The couple went on more dates, and became official after Christy told Frank she was in love with him in June 2014. In 2016, Frank and Christy got engaged while on a trip to Disney World.

"We had the perfect day, and we never could have imagined that this relationship would develop the way it did, but we're really happy," said Christy.

"I am so glad I can share my life with someone like Frank," she added.

According to XOJane, 35 percent of WhatsYourPrice's users are college students, whom the site says are using it as a creative way to pay student loans and tuition.

The site reportedly tells users to accept payment in cash, and to "NEVER ask for money before you meet someone in person," at the risk of users having their accounts deleted.

"No going Dutch," the site's guidelines continue, "The generous member is expected to pay for all expenses incurred on the date."

Sources: Daily Mail, XOJane / Photo credit: PA Real Life via Daily Mail

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