Woman Makes Amazing Discovery On Train Tracks (Video)


A group of strangers rescued a pregnant horse that had become stuck on train tracks (video below).

In the video of the incident, members of the group use nylon straps to pull the horse up. They also use plastic tables to prevent the horse from sticking a hoof through the tracks. 

The group finally is able to pull the horse to safety and authorities managed to get an oncoming train to stop in time for the horse and her rescuers to escape uninjured. 

The incident, which occurred in Union Township, Indiana, reportedly occurred after the pregnant horse was scared by Fourth of July fireworks and broke out of her stall.

Mary Stefanski was the first to spot the animal, NWI Times reported, and contacted authorities. 

“It was a joint effort ... everybody contributed,” said Bill Pauley, who was visiting a friend at a house near the tracks and helped to pull the horse to safety. 

The horse, Anna, was led back to her home after being rescued. Anna had been loose for an hour when she was rescued. She gave birth soon after.

Anna was given a bandage for one of her legs after the incident, though the horse’s owner, Arjen Byvoets, said he didn’t think her injuries were serious. 

The group was ultimately praised for its rescue efforts, though many felt the horse should have been blindfolded during the rescue so as to not scare her even more and make freeing her easier. 

“I wish they had just covered her eyes at the beginning....would have made it so much easier on everyone including the poor horse,” one commenter wrote on Little Things.

“Well done to all. Yes covering her eyes would have probably helped but maybe the rescuers had never handled horses before so wouldnt know covering her eyes may have calmed her,” another added.

Sources: Little Things, NWI Times / Photo credit: NWI Times 

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