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Woman Makes Shocking Discovery Inside A Used Car She Bought

A woman from Bonney Lake, Washington, discovered four mysterious urns inside a used SUV she bought for about $700 at an abandoned car auction.

Andrea Davidson, 37, told ABC News she bought the teal 1997 Geo Tracker recently at Pro-Town in Auburn, Washington.

But when she took the SUV home to assess the vehicle’s condition she found four urns hidden under old photo albums, social security documents, journals and other personal items. The items appeared to belong to a woman named Sasha Eddins.

Three of the urns seemingly contained human ashes. The fourth, which was labeled “Cha-Cha,” seemed to contain the ashes of a pet. Two of the other urns had the names Dawna L. Kerr and Michael Anson Kerr on them.

“I was shocked,” said Davidson. “It was something you don’t expect to find in a car. It definitely felt eerie and pretty creepy.”

ABC News found Michael Anson Kerr’s brother and mother through public records. Robert Lewis Kerr, 57, of Indianapolis, Indiana, and Frances Kerr, 93, of Round Rock, Texas, said Michael had been married to Dawna for more than 20 years and that they had a pet Doberman named Cha-Cha as well as an adopted daughter, Sasha Rogers.

Sasha, the woman who previously owned the vehicle, had the last name of Eddins when she was married in her 30s.

Michael was in a nursing home when he died in May 2014. Dawna died in Seattle a few months later, the family said, adding that they were not very close to the couple’s adopted daughter, Sasha.

“The journal shows Sasha was basically homeless, on the street for the past six months,” Davidson said, adding that it appeared as though Sasha was living in the vehicle.

“Sasha had apparently come across some gypsies somewhere in a parking lot, became friends with them and it seemed like she was thinking about moving to Oregon. She seemed to be going through some hard times. I hope she's OK,” Davidson said.

Robert and Frances Kerr said that they have not spoken to Sasha and did not know her whereabouts. Davidson is now working to get the urns and family belongings to Robert.

Davidson has also tried to contact Sasha through social media but did not receive a reply, reports USA Today.

It remains unknown whose ashes were in the fourth urn.

Sources: ABC News, USA Today / Photo credit: Screenshot via ABC News


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