Woman Finds Creepy Secret In Attic (Photos)


A new homeowner discovered a creepy secret while exploring the attic -- and what she found is the stuff nightmares are made of. Reddit user NukeStorm posted pictures of her find on the social networking site and it has since gone viral.

Everything else in her home seemed perfectly normal, until she ventured upstairs into the attic, Mad World News reports. There, at the end of the attic, she found a door with a metal grate fastened over part it.

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The door reportedly measured about 4 feet tall and 1.5 feet wide, so there wasn’t much space to get in and out. The door did not have a doorknob inside the room -- the lock and doorknob were only outside the room.

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As soon as she opened the door, the homeowner found a bed, light and corner shelf. The minimalist room appeared to be a dungeon or prison for someone being held against their will, according to Mad World News.

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"There's no neighbors near enough to hear someone yelling if they were in here," NukeStorm wrote.

After seeing the pictures, Reddit users had various theories about the creepy find.

Norwigga commented:

I was about to comment and say the room doesn't look THAT creepy until you said the lock was on the outside of the door. I'd go with the weird punishment room for unruly children theory (if you don't do your chores you have to sleep in the attic!). From the look of it, anyone with the size or strength of an adult could probably kick that door in pretty easily, or the wood siding next to it.

“When I was a kid a friend of mines, brother, sister, and mother all suffered from migraines," doublestack wrote. "They had a room in the attic that was blacked out, insulated with a bed in it for when a migraine would happen.”

Crappler319 theorized:

I am not an expert in creepy rape rooms, but my first thought was 'Disappointments Room'.

I have no idea if that was ever actually a real thing or just a creepy apocryphal tale, but the idea is that respectable members of a community would lock deformed, mentally disturbed or otherwise socially unacceptable family members away in the attic or basement so that they could restrict their contact with outsiders and avoid the stigma of being associated with them.

I wouldn't be too worried, it probably only has, like, five vengeful spirits.”

Nukestorm noted that she plans on asking the previous homeowner about the attic and may not get any sleep until she finds answers.

Sources: Reddit, Mad World News / Photo credit: Imgur

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