Woman Allegedly Killed A Mother, Stole Her Two Kids (Video)


A Georgia woman is charged with murder after she allegedly lured a young mother to her home under the pretense of giving her baby clothes, fatally shot her, and then tried to pass her two children off as her own.

Police say Catherine Goins, 37, lured Natalia Roberts, 30, and her children, a 3-week-old infant and a 3-year-old, to a Ringgold home where she shot Roberts in the back of the head last Friday. Investigators say Goins had just met Roberts that morning.

Goins, of Hixson, Tennessee, called police and claimed she shot an intruder in her ex-boyfriend’s home. She then fled the scene with Roberts’ children.

“We're calling it murder because that's what it is,” Sheriff Gary Sisk said. “She flat-out murdered her.”

Investigators say Goins had been pretending to be pregnant for months and that her most-recent boyfriend had left her because he learned she had been lying.

"Catherine Goins had been living a ruse that she had been pregnant with her most recent boyfriend's baby. But he had recently learned she was not pregnant and left her,” said Sisk. “Catherine Goins killed Natalia Roberts because she wanted her baby. She was going to come out and say it was hers.”

Goins was arrested in Tennessee on Tuesday on charges of malice murder, felony murder, tampering with evidence and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. She is being held at Catoosa County Jail.

Roberts’ children are in the care of family members.

Sources: Daily Mail, WSB-TV

Image Credit: YouTube, Catoosa County Sheriff's Office


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