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Woman Loses Leg, Breaks Other Limbs In Brooklyn Motorcycle Crash

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A woman in New York lost her leg in a severe motorcycle accident in Brooklyn on Saturday.

According to reports, 30-year-old Latisa Larrymore was riding her motorcycle at around 4:30 a.m. on Saturday in Brooklyn, when she collided with the back of a Chrysler minivan. She was reportedly flying in and out of traffic in the moments before the collision, which occurred when the minivan attempted to make a turn.

Larrymore went flying off the bike after hitting the van and was thrown around the asphalt — slamming into a concrete wall, a telephone poll and a pickup truck.

“That’s what severed my sister’s leg,” Larrymore’s brother, Robert Fields, told reporters while pointing at the telephone poll.

“Her one leg was over there and the other was broken,” Atiba Bailey, one of the passengers in the minivan, said. “She was just folded up in the fetal position like a baby.” 

In addition to the severed leg, Larrymore broke both arms and several ribs, and also suffered a brain hemorrhage. She is expected to survive the brutal crash.

“With or without limbs, the important thing is that she is coming home,” Fields said.

Larrymore, who worked as a bouncer at a club in Queens, would often pose promiscuously in photos on her blue motorcycle, and even wrote on Facebook this past May about her speedy driving.

“I think I’ll scare you with the way I ride,” she wrote.

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“She’s lucky to be alive,” Larrymore’s sister, Michelle Larrymore, said. 

Sources: New York Daily News, Liberty First News / Photo credit: New York Daily News


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