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Woman Looking For Her Cats Under Her Bed Finds Burglary Suspect (Video)

A 61-year-old Florida woman was looking for her cats under her bed, and found a burglar instead.

According to the police report, a stranger had been knocking on residents’ doors in the Palm Springs, Florida, neighborhood, causing a suspicious neighbor to call the police. The neighbor saw the unknown man walk toward the rear of the woman’s residence, reports Sun Sentinel.

The woman was searching for her two cats when she reached under the bed and “felt she had touched human skin,” an officer wrote in the police report. “The suspect was hiding under the bed.”

The suspected burglar, later identified as Christian Vatovec, 25, fled the home and jumped a fence.

Vatovec was found near a canal by police, who they took him back to the woman's home, where she identified him as the man hiding under her bed.

The woman claims a gold ankle bracelet and digital camera were stolen.

Vatovec has been charged with burglary, grand theft and resisting arrest, reports Huffington Post.

Sources: Huffington Post, Sun Sentinel / Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube


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