Husband And Wife Unveil Their Amazing Cave Home (Video)


An Arizona couple's remarkable cave home went viral (video below).

Cathy and Randy Clark became sensations for their unusual house, which was built in a rock formation on their property. They first discovered the formation after hearing a blasting sound on their newly purchased 37-acre property on a mountain in Bisbee. They decided to investigate.

“We met our neighbor, a Swedish mining engineer, who was blasting into the side of the mountain,” Cathy told Zillow in 2012, when her property was up for sale at $1.5 million.

“It was a happy accident that he happened to be building a cave at the same time that we were moving in.” The neighbor examined the rock formation and determined that it would work well for a cave home.

“The blasting took a year and half,” Cathy said. “And the finishes took 15 years, so we built a guest house in the meantime.”

The 2,568-square-foot home is filled with modern furnishings and has a surprisingly large layout -- three bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room and loft bed. The deck outside provides a view of the mountain range. 

Inside the home is a spring that produces 20 gallons of clean water each day, filtered through 80 feet of granite.

“It’s very comfortable, and it feels very normal [to live in a cave],” Cathy told Zillow. “I don’t know if that goes back to some ancestral DNA.”

There’s another distinctive home in Arizona that’s turning heads: a property known as the Boulder Home. 

The three-bedroom home is currently on the market for $2,475,000 and includes a wine cellar, infinity pool with a hot tub and a fireplace that warms a boulder to spread heat throughout the house, KPNX reported.

Even cooler, there’s a feature that allows small amounts of rainwater to come through the boulder that lines the wall, travel throughout the home and then back outside. 

The home is close to outdoor activities like golf courses and a hiking trail. 

Sources: Zillow, CNN Money/YouTube, KPNX / Photo credit: Screenshot via CNN Money/YouTube 

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