Woman Lies About Brain Tumor, Exploits $100,000 From 84-Year-Old Man


An Arlington, Massachusetts, woman was arrested after allegedly exploiting more than $100,000 from an 84-year-old man.

Anisa Llega, 24, began working for 84-year-old Donald Hodgins as a house cleaner after the two met at a restaurant where she was working. She formed a friendship with the man soon after meeting.

“I thought she was a poor girl trying to earn a little money here and there working for me,” he said. Llega began telling Hodgins of her supposed troubles, including her mother’s health issues and her own need for surgery to remove a brain tumor.

“She would say her mother was sick and needed $500 in medicine. I would give her a check for $500 thinking I was helping her out,” Hodgins said. The supposed surgery she needed for the brain tumor cost $30,000, the Boston Globe revealed.

Hodgins also gave Llega money for car payments and school loans, among other things. 

In total, Arlington Police said they believe she exploited more than $100,000 from the man over the course of three months. Several bank accounts in Llega’s name were ultimately located and frozen by authorities. 

Llega is facing charges of larceny over $250 by single scheme. 

Sources: Fox 25, Boston Globe / Photo credit: Fox 25

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